LEBLON's journey started in 2005, when Maison Leblon built their very own distillery in Patos de Minas, an agricultural town located in the western uplands of Minas Gerais – in other words, in the heart of the second largest sugarcane-producing state of Brazil.

It is the producers’ conviction that sugarcane plantations are the solid foundation for a quality cachaça. This is why LEBLON has independently managed its 100-hectare plantation since 2010 to ensure that the end product will contain the essence of everything the raw material has to offer. All production stages are meticulously controlled for quality – from planting and harvesting through to bottling and adding the final touch.

LEBLON has won numerous awards and is the world's only cachaça to be awarded a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for nine years in a row.

• Single-batch distilled (45% ABV)
• Aged in French oak casks, previously used to age XO Cognac for three months

Classic Caipirinha

50 ml Leblon Cachaca
½ lime cut into wedges
2 tsp white sugar or 25 ml sugar syrup

On a shaker, lightly press with a pestle the lime wedges and the sugar. Add ice and Leblon cachaça. Stir well and serve in a glass of i