Music Project, was held to great success at the Olympic Fencing Center on Monday 01 April, with music and fashion merging in the most originally creative event. Patrons apparently couldn’t hide their excitement, as tickets sold out in a flash days before the event!

On the big night, the audience filled the Olympic Fencing Center to the brim and enjoyed unique acts with lots of twists and surprises, set against an impressive stage created for the event. Popular singers from Greece and abroad joined forces with leading designers and fashion brands to please the crowd with their original creations and uplifting tunes.

Serkova Crystal Pure was the Grand Sponsor of the event. Smooth and velvety, with a soft spot for fashion, style, expression and individuality, Serkova Crystal Pure premium vodka is by far the most ideal pairing for this grand celebration of music and couture.

For the first time in the history of the event, the unique covers presented at MadWalk 2019 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project were played by a symphonic ensemble of 40 musicians under the baton of conductor Giorgos Zachariou.

This year’s creative efforts are dedicated to ELPIDA, the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer, as part of the proceedings will go towards purchasing the equipment required for the “ELPIDA Youth Summer Camp”, a 10-day therapeutic programme for young cancer survivors aged 9–16, organised for the third consecutive year by the “ELPIDA Youth” Committee. Yet another pioneering step of “ELPIDA, the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer”, this camp is the first of its kind in Greece. Marianna V. Vardinogiannis, President of “ELPIDA, the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer”, kindly attended the event.

The concept of the 9th instalment of MadWalk 2019 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project was the brainchild of Fashion Director Nikos Yfantis, while Nikos Tagis was the event’s artistic director. Kostas Zisiswas in charge of XXX , Nikos Marianos directed the staged event, and Dimitris Tsigkos directed the live/TV broadcast.

Iliana Papageorgiou, this year’s glamorous host of MadWalk 2019 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project, welcomed the audience to the opening act by Serkova Crystal Pure featuring FY, who sang his hit “De Me Theloun”.

Sakis Rouvas joined Marina Jungwirth in a powerful duet, singing “Shallow” along the catwalk presentation by Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture.
Kalomoira then took the crowd by storm with “No tears left to cry” during the BSB Catwalk.
Dakis and Elena Tsagkrinou followed with oldie-but-goodie “Tsai Me Lemoni”, set against the catwalk by Orsalia Parthenis.
Envie Shoes featured creations by Sotiris Georgiou along the tunes of “Self Control”, sung by Demy.
Then, Katerina Geronikolou took the stage of MadWalk 2019 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music for her own rendition of the popular Greek folk song “Sto Pa Ke Sto Ksanalew” during the catwalk by Toi&moi.
Ivi Adamou sang “Black Velvet”, with Doretta Papadimitriou in a sensational surprise dance performance, and Dimitris Petrou showcasing his new collection in a special catwalk sponsored by SKIP.
Next were Evelina Papoulia and Aphrodite Liantou, singing “How It Goes” in a special act sponsored by Noxzema.
Parabita featured Mariella Savvidou in an unconventional catwalk along the tunes of “Misirlou”.
The Other Side Project, the super band featuring Apostolis Totsikas, Giannis Chatzigeorgiou, Ian Stratis, Anastasios Rammos & ARVA, played a fiery rock cover of “Fuego” during the catwalk by Deux Hommes, sponsored by Huawei P30 and P30 Pro.
The Designers’ Lab catwalk showcased groundbreaking designs by 14 up-and-coming Greek fashion designers, with Evangelia Aravani singing “Katapliktika”.
This year’s MadWalk 2019 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project also welcomed on stage Cecilia Krull, featured in the soundtrack of smash-hit series “Casa De Papel”, to sing the crowd-favourite “My Life Is Going On” for the catwalk by Atelier Loukia.
Her performance was followed by Dionysis Schoinas, who sang XXX in a special act sponsored by MINI for their 60-year anniversary, joined by Nikoletta Ralli on the catwalk.
Russian star Sergey Lazarev, to perform this year’s Russian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, is currently working with a winning team of Greek Eurovision experts, including producer Dimitris Kontopoulos and director Fokas Evangelinos. Lazarev sang “Scream” to a dance performance by the Olympiada Gymnastics Team with their project “The Wolves”, which won them the 2017 General Gymnastics Championship under the guidance of Olympia Dragouni. Needless to say, the crowd filling the Olympic Fencing Center was left speechless by their spectacular routine.
Next, Eleni Foureira sang “Gypsy Woman” in a special charity performance for BSB. Part of the proceedings from the sale of the limited-edition dress presented on the catwalk will go to XXX.
Barrice, Christopher Vee, Natasha K and Danae Pappa accompanied the 5226 by Celia Kritharioti catwalk with their cover of “Rockstar”.
And, for the sensational closing act by Serkova Crystal Pure, Konstantinos Argyros sang his hits “Ti Na To Kano” and “Mazi Sou”.
The spectacular finale was followed by an after-catwalk party at the Olympic Fencing Center lobby. Serkova Crystal Pure welcomed patrons into a grand premium setting, where they had the chance to enjoy fine signature cocktails at the impressive frosted bar, built especially to celebrate the most important fashion and music event of the year.
Serkova Crystal Pure, served straight on the rocks or as part of original cocktails, is bound to astound with its incomparable style.
The two hottest catwalks in Athens were graced for the first time by two debutant models who won the Athens Rule the Catwalk contest, held at the Athens Metro Mall –a firm and faithful supporter of the event.
The ever-so-fashionable hairstyles, sure to set the trends for the forthcoming season, were created with products from the Wellaflex and New Wave ranges by Wella, with the valuable collaboration of stylists from Diamantopoulos Hair Academy.
The expert team of ΝΥΧ Professional Makeup created and gave the perfect finishing touches to the makeup looks of the 9th Madwalk by Serkova Crystal Pure, infusing them with an air of LA makeup artistry trends.
Nychi Nychi Beauty Lounge, always aspiring to set the trends instead of simply following, was in charge of the nail looks for the entire show, both on the catwalk and on stage.
A firm favourite and the valuable shoe partner of this year’s Madwalk by Serkova Crystal Pure, ENVIE SHOES took care of the outfits for Kalomoira and all MAD’s lady hosts, also taking part in the catwalks by Sotiris Gerorgiou and Orsalia Parthenis with their unique designs for the Spring-Summer 2019 collection.
Fashion by:
Fashion Designers: Atelier Loukia, Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture, Deux Hommes, Dimitris Petrou, Orsalia Parthenis, Sotiris Georgiou, The Designers’ Lab
Fashion Brands: BSΒ, MINI, Noxzema, Parabita, Toi&moi, 5226 by Celia Kritharioti
Music by:
Dakis, Danae Pappa, Evelina Papoulia & Aphrodite Liantou, Evangelia Aravani, Elena Tsagkrinou, Eleni Foureira, Ivi Adamou, Kalomira, Katerina Geronikolou, Konstantinos Argyros, Mariella Savvidou, Marina Jianwurth, Sakis Rouvas, Christopher Vee, Barrice, Cecilia Krull, Demy, FY, Sergey Lazarev, The Other Side Project (Apostolis Totsikas, Giannis Chatzigeorgiou, Ian Stratis, Anastasios Rammos)

Project presented by:
Iliana Papageorgiou

Serkova Crystal Pure was the Grand Sponsor of the event.

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