Creativity is usually linked to artists, architects and designers, but the truth is that it is something everyone can tap into. Inspired by this universal truth, Bombay Sapphire Gin organised a very creative Party under the artistic direction of Kostas Vogiatzis, founder of Yatzer.

Launched in London last summer, the ΒΟΜΒΑΥ CANVAS concept has been popping up in Paris, Milan, Berlin and other cities around the world ever since with the latest destination being Athens, Greece. In the exclusive event organised by Bombay Sapphire under the artistic direction of Yatzer in late January, a former industrial space was transformed into an exuberant atelier where three emerging Greek artists were invited to create artworks inspired by Bombay Sapphire’s zestful flavours. Guests had also the chance to stir their own creativity combining their personal artistic talents with the art of mixology; a gin and tonic (G&T) is after all the surest way to get your creative juices flowing.

Upon arrival, guests were invited to leave their own artistic mark on a great collective mural, using a variety of colours at their disposal. As colourful was the main hall – a part gallery part night club dazzling space drowning in cyan and magenta lighting. And while the artists put the finishing touches on the artworks they had created especially for the event, bartenders were as creative when mixing the event’s two gin-based signature cocktails: “Leave your trace” by top mixologist Antonis Mantzaridis, an aromatic, elderflower-flavoured mixture that took its name from the collective artwork that guests created in the entrance hall, and “White canvas”, a white cocktail that guests could decorate with a selection of edible paints and glitter toppings at the adjacent Cocktail Finishing Studio.

And as any work of art worthy of the creativity that went into its making, guests could then photograph their customized cocktail at an Insragrammable setting of exotic allure, courtesy of a miniature photo-booth. For those seeking original pleasures, the bar was also serving Bombay & Tonic, which guests could customize at their pleasure with different tonics and garnishes. 

Meanwhile, at the event’s pop-up photo studio, Greek photographer Ioanna Tzetzoumi was encouraging guests to loosen up in order to capture a more spontaneous side of their character. The black and white photographs were brandished with an indicative blue brushstroke before being sent to the guest as a memento of this very special evening.

Information on the Artists:

Spent1 is a graffiti and street artist bringing together geometric patterns and original cartoon-comic characters. For ΒΟΜΒΑΥ CANVAS, the artist was inspired by the Queen’s appearance on Bombay Sapphire’s label (a reference to gin’s popularity in India during the British Raj) and painted his own version by transforming the label’s discrete monochrome figure into a three-metre high portrait of bold and eye-catching graphics.


Lettering artist and graphic designer Lune82 combines his graffiti skills with his passion for typography to create expansive paintings and murals featuring imaginative, retro-futuristic and abstracted logos, which draw from a wide range of visual arts – from constructivism to optical and pop art. Lune82’s artwork for the event, a wide canvas spelling “DREAM RIDER”, called to the guests to follow their dreams.


Dimitris Dokos:
Street artist Dimitris Dokos’ creations stand out with their graphical essence and surreal iconography. For the event, Dokos exhibited three unique artworks from his archive, two of which featuring his trademark beetle, a personal logo which adorns many abandoned buildings throughout Athens. For his fourth canvas, Dokos appropriated ΒΟΜΒΑΥ CANVAS’ hexagonal pattern, filling it with enigmatic graphic inscriptions that bring to mind both Egyptian hieroglyphics and the art of Keith Haring.