For four days the Gold Sponsors of the regatta, Moët & Chandon and Grey Goose, hosted special interactive events, including the SCYR 2018 Personalized Bottles for crew members, the Moët VIP rides on the Wally boat of Amanzoe Luxury Resort, and the Moët Champagne Sessions, during which the brand’s ambassadors invited visitors to explore the Ice and Grand Vintage champagnes, whereas a magical Moët Grand Vintage Cocktail was created at the pier of Poseidonion Grand Hotel.

Meanwhile, Grey Goose welcomed its guests to a specially designed area at the entrance of the iconic Hotel, adding a touch of the French Riviera at the regatta’s summer nights. Guests were able to enjoy the World’s Best-Tasting Vodka and try some specially created Regatta Signature Cocktails.

The festivities started on Thursday evening with the inauguration of the 2nd Race Village at Poseidonion Square, followed by the spectacular Welcome Cocktail Party at Poseidonion Grand Hotel, Grand Supporter of the regatta.

The sailing races started at 11.00 am Friday morning, offering spectators a magnificent sight in the sea waters, very close to the shore.

Nondas Lampadarios, President of the SCYR Organizing Committee, said: “We are honored and proud that the Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta rose to the occasion for the 8th year, and exceeded the high demands and expectations, just like only a major sailing event in the Mediterranean could do.”

Supporters of the Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta 2018:

Top brands Moët & Chandon and Grey Goose were Gold Sponsors of the SCYR for the second consecutive year, sharing the same values represented in the regatta.

Moët & Chandon is a fitting supporter for the regatta; excellence, success, and top notch performance is inscribed in the brand’s DNA. What is more, it has been the champagne of great moments and savoir-faire since 1743. Being a Gold Sponsor of the Spetses Classic Yacht Race 2018, Moët & Chandon, the world’s top and most loved champagne, shares an avant-garde vision with this iconic sport, which embodies the fine achievements and the constant pursuit of victory.

Grey Goose, the World’s Best-Tasting Vodka, is always close to those who live life to the full and strive for perfection beyond possibilities. Such was the vision of Francois Thibault, creator of Grey Goose, whose product was a real game changer in the market. Using nothing but the best French ingredients, Thibault dared to go beyond the traditional production method and create Grey Goose – the “absolute Super Premium” Vodka.

As every year, the remarkable Poseidonion Grand Hotel was the official headquarters of the regatta, as well as a Grand Supporter, and the Prize Supporter of the Concours d’Elegance, awarded to the best-preserved and most authentic boats.

Official Helpers of the regatta were Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses, Spetses Traders Association, Bouboulina Museum, th Women’s Association of Spetses and Traditional Boat Association of Greece.

Communication Sponsors of the regatta were SKAI media group, Kathimerini newspaper, sports site, Saronic Magazine and men’s site Mancode.

For the 8th consecutive year, the Press Office and Sponsor Management were assigned to Communication Lab and Dr Marina-Lida Koutarelli.

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