A casa particular (private hotel) with a facade painted in red ochre, hints at a rich history marked by the passage of time. Above the large gate, guarding the main entrance, is displayed Hotel Eminente, Cuba.

As you walk through the entrance of the hotel, your senses are invigorated with the smells of a Cuban market, the scent of sugarcane and notes of Eminente rum – each push of a door plunges us a little deeper into the heart of this wild Cuba.

It is a 24-hour immersion on the island of the crocodile where you can find a bar with faded ceilings, typical Cuban rooms and a restaurant converted into a paladar (family-owned restaurant), where Cuban specialties can be enjoyed and shared.

From September 30 to December 12, 2021, the Hotel Eminente opens its doors to unique sensorial and cultural experiences.

Photos: Panos Georgiou