Alex and Maya wanted their brainchild to be a top-quality island beer, born in the Cyclades but evoking an entire lifestyle and mindset, that of Greek creativity and productivity – a proud ambassador of the spirit and beauty of the Cyclades and the other Greek isles to the world. And NISSOS is nothing short of that.

NISSOS is produced on a small scale using only the finest, hand-picked ingredients from Greece and abroad. Before it can reach our palates, it is brewed using exclusively the finest barley malt, hops, water and yeast during a slow, traditional and entirely natural process that takes over a month to complete. What makes NISSOS unique and a true pioneer in its field, among other factors, is that it does not undergo any thermal processing, and it is free from preservatives and stabilised by micro-filtration. The brewery also boasts a dedicated clean room – a germ-free space equipped with special filters and UV radiation – where bottling takes place. All this is to bring out the beer’s rich flavour, aroma and body, along with its natural carbonation.The NISSOS portfolio includes NISSOS GREEK ISLAND PILSNER (the first and only Greek beer to date to be awarded a silver European Beer Star), NISSOS ORGANIC ALL-DAY, made with 100% more hops for incomparable aroma, NISSOS 7 Beaufort Strong Dark Pilsner (the first and only dark Pilsner in Greece, with an alcoholic content of 7%), and NISSOS THOLI, a naturally hazy Keller beer.