May 26, 2021, Athens, Greece – Spirit production and marketing businesses join forces with catering and tourism organizations (HORECA) to compile a positive agenda of proposals towards a strong and safe restart of the industry. The Hellenic Association of Drinks Distributors (ENEAP) and the Greek Federation of Spirits Producers (SEAOP) proudly present their campaign #EimasteEtoimoi, Count us in!, with the firm support of the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation (HHF), the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurateurs and Relevant Professions (POESE), the BARECA Business Association, the Athens Bar Show institution, and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCC) through its FiloxeniaMoU initiative. The campaign is aligned with the European communication campaign #WeStandReady, Count us in! run by spiritsEurope, the European representative body of spirits producers.
The #EimasteEtoimoi, Count us in! initiative aims to promote the dialogue between the government and all competent institutions, advocating a sustainable future for the catering and hospitality industry: the most dynamic and crucial sector of Greek economy, and the one closest to the heart of Greek society –. At the same time, the campaign gives all industry professionals the opportunity to make their voices heard through various events on social media.
The participating organizations have drawn up a list of short-term and more permanent interventions that aim to inject the industry with much-needed lifeblood and boost business prospects. Amongst others, the campaign advocates:
• Reducing VAT in catering to support the revival of the industry and competitiveness among businesses
• Adapting the excise duty on spirits to EU average to significantly reduce the cost of raw mate-rials, and thus support the revival and profitability of catering and hospitality businesses
• Maintaining all employment support programs in the medium-term
• Designing financial programs specifically adapted to the needs of the hospitality and catering industries
• Reducing corporate tax by 20%
The pandemic has dramatically affected the HORECA channel and, consequently, the spirits industry, which saw a drop by almost 50% in its sales in 2020, and an equally sharp decrease in the first two months of 2021.
Standing as the second biggest employer in the country, the catering industry has historically created jobs and supported the income of thousands of families, same today as in the previous years of the recession. It is worth noting that the wider HORECA sector is the most important channel for the spirits industry, contributing 62% of its sales, as more than 80,000 on-trade companies are involved in the spirits trade*.
Deeply aware of their strategic role in the country’s development planning, and with a sense of responsibility towards consumers, the campaigners are committed to working systematically towards even higher quality services with impeccable implementation of the health and safety protocol, and to consistently promoting responsible alcohol consumption.
To learn more about the campaign, please visit:
#EimasteEtoimoi, Count us in!

*For more information on the impact of the alcoholic beverage trade on the HORECA channel, please see attached infographic.

The Hellenic Association of Drinks Distributors (ENEAP) represents the largest companies in the spirits industry, which import and distribute 80% of the international brands of premium alcoholic beverages in Greece. Members: AMVYX, B.S. KAROULIAS, DIAGEO, PERNOD RICARD
The Greek Federation of Spirits Producers (SEAOP) includes 60 – private and cooperative – companies. It produces and deals the 76% of all bottled drinks in Greece, and it is responsible for 75% of Greek exported drinks.
About spiritsEUROPE
spiritsEUROPE represents 29 national business associations of the spirits production and marketing industry, along with 10 top multinational companies from all over Europe. The Hellenic Association of Drinks Distributors (ENEAP) and the Greek Federation of Spirits Producers (SEAOP) are members of spiritsEUROPE.