This beautiful wine is the result of a perfect blend of Glera and Pinot Noir, produced in accordance with the production regulation of Prosecco Rosé DOC.
Extraordinary passion and dedication go into the creation of Gancia Prosecco Rosé, produced in collaboration with one of the best oenologists in the world, Donato Lanati.
The unique bottle with beams of sunlight was inspired by the sunshine moment that can be seen and experienced on the beautiful hills of northern Italy.

Tasting Notes:
Color: intense rosé color, brilliant and clean. Fine and persistent perlage.
Nose: the aroma is intense and persistent, with fruity notes from the grapes of origin (deep hints of small red fruits) and pinot noir, which has always been the main character in the sparkling wine production.
Taste: the taste is fresh, fragrant and harmonious. The aftertaste is persistent, with floral and fruity notes.

Service Notes:
Pairings: ideal as an aperitif, this sparkling wine is perfect with the Mediterranean cuisine. Excellent with appetizers, light first courses like risotto and vegetables couscous, fish and white meat dishes. Perfect served with raw fish, seafood and fresh cheeses.
Service Temperature: 6-8° C

Blend of selected Glera and Pinot Noir grapes, fermented on skin, carefully harvested and subjected to advanced chemical analysis, that assure the quality and the authenticity of the product.
Second fermentation in stainless steel autoclaves for a full 60 days before bottling, in order to stabilize the product and obtain a particularly complex and fruity sparkling wine, appropriately dosed to ensure that it always reaches the same high-quality standard.
Intense aroma, with floral bouquet, which is characteristic for Prosecco wine, with fruity notes from the grapes of origin: strawberry, raspberry and small red fruits. The olfactory notes, due to the long stay on the yeasts, blend harmoniously with the primary aromas, creating a unique olfactory profile.
A color variant that enjoys a spectacular growth of interest among international consumers and meets international tastes.

The search for the perfect quality on each product in portfolio is the heart of Gancia’s culture globally and is recognized by the most important wine experts and international awards.