Summer awakens our natural curiosity; instead of just going through the motions as usual, we are more likely to try out new experiences and learn new tricks.

That’s what the people behind Hendrick’s Gin thought as they invited unsuspecting patrons to the most unusual summer picnic, held at the Goulandris Natural History Museum.

Drawing inspiration from the site and making the most of the museum’s unique collection, Hendrick’s Gin treated the guests to an exclusive exploring experience. True to Hendrick’s penchant for the unusual, the tour was anything but ordinary: during the guided visit, lovers of our favourite super-premium gin roamed the museum halls in pitch-black darkness, holding just a flashlight to light the way!

Following the tour, patrons were invited to an equally unique summer party out at the museum courtyard, that had it all: luscious Hendrick’s Gin & Tonics, creative Hendrick’s cocktails and mood-setting music –quite the ideal atmosphere for a truly unusual summer picnic! Cucumber was, of course, the topping of choice, being a trademark of Hendrick’s and the perfect accompaniment to Hendick’s Gin & Tonics!

Escape the conventional. Embrace the delectable.

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