“MadWalk 2021 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project” was held with enormous success, on Tuesday 23 November and for the 11th consecutive year, in a subversively creative event that combines fashion with music, at the Taekwondo & Handball Olympic Stadium.

The only institution in the country that prestigiously combines music with fashion was dedicated to the voluntary offer and work of the “VISION OF HOPE ASSOCIATION”. We too support voluntary bone marrow donation and become part of the long chain of love that already counts more than 120,000 voluntary bone marrow donors!

In the stunning setting of “MadWalk 2021 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project” presented by the one and only Doukissa Nomikou, the audience enjoyed impressive acts and innovative catwalks by famous Greek and foreign performers along with the creations of top Greek designers and fashion brands!

The concept of the 11th “MadWalk 2021 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project” was artistically curated by Nikos Tagis, with Dimitris Tsigos as TV director, Costas Zisis as fashion director, Anna Athanassiadi as stage director and Nefeli Theodotou as art director and choreographer.

The one and only Doukissa Nomikou spread her glow as the spokeswoman of the institution that prestigiously combines music with fashion. The event took place before an audience, thus sending out a strong message of optimism!

As the event’s opening act, Eleni Foureira and Greek American singer Evangelia performed their duet “Fotia”, the theme song of the 11th “MadWalk 2021 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project”.

Pavlina Voulgaraki performed her song “Call me” during the catwalk of Lena Katsanidou.

Ivi Adamou, along with Jessica Onyinyech Anosike and Demelza Okoji, performed an adaptation of “Dinata Dinata” with the African version of “Yeke Yeke”, while presenting FILA’s creations.

The creations of Apostolos Mitropoulos were musically accompanied by “You Spin Me Round” and Konnie Metaxa’s act with DUST+CREAM.

Anastasios Rammos was next with his song “Se Dio Mono Matia” for the catwalk of the brand Jack & Jones and JJXX.

Demy performed the song “Honeymoon / An Thimithis To Oniro Mou” on the stage of “MadWalk 2021 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project”, musically accompanying the creations of Vassilis Zoulias.

While listening to Xenia Ghali’s remix of the song “Rapture” performed by Joanne, the audience of “MadWalk 2021 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project” was introduced to the creations of Zoe Stergiou, Vie Revee, Naya Tsalesi, Magda Athanasiou, Nene, Blondiee, Evagelia Kountouri, Sei Unica, Sac & Co, Musa Collection, Hemithea and Klelia Andrali. This was made possible thanks to the Designer’s Lab, an institution that gives young designers the opportunity to present their work to the public, as well as through NOW.COM.

Stefania was next with her performance of “Words”, while presenting –accompanied by Swatch– the catwalk of Sotiris Georgiou.

Celia Kritharioti’s creations from the 5226 series were presented while Lil Kony and Natasha Kay performed in unison the song “Sexy” on stage.

L’Oréal Professionnel Paris followed straight after, along with a special act of Sakis Rouvas interpreting his song “Sta Kalitera Mou”. Ten prominent celebrities accompanied him: Evelyn Kazantzoglou, Sofia Kourtidou, Regina Makedou, Dorotea Mercuri, Katerina Misichroni, Yvonni Ntosta, Vassiliki Roussou, Marillia Skarogianni, Katerina Terzopoulou and Valia Hatzitheodorou. Ten vastly different women but with one thing in common: the shine that arises from their uniqueness and self-confidence.

Following this, Josephine accompanied the catwalk of Vrettos Vrettakos performing the song “Survivor”.

Konstantinos Argiros performed his song “Telika” for GreenWalk by PPC, a catwalk for which eight well-known designers created environmentally friendly clothes, creatively reusing recyclable materials such as: biodegradable straws, plastic cutlery, cardboard boxes, unprocessed glass, eco-friendly tarpaulin and textile waste.

This year, Giorgos Kakosaios musically accompanied the catwalk of Pink Woman with the song “Kardoula Mou”.

Elena Paparizou performed her song “Lightning” in a special act displaying the creations of Dimitris Petrou, who had designed an impressive capsule collection using exclusively IKEA linen in order to celebrate the company’s 20-year anniversary in Greece.

At “MadWalk 2021 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project”, Elena Tsagrinou and Ioanna Touni sang “Savvatovrado”, while presenting the creations of Bubblegun.

Tania Breazou, singing “Beggin’”, set the rhythm to the catwalk of Celia Kritharioti.

This was followed by Ilias Bogdanos’ golden act, with him performing “Rock n’ Roll Queen” while Doukissa Nomikou –with an impressive surprise appearance– presented Stronger Together Collection, her own new jewelry collection, which is dedicated to her mother who taught her about the power of “togetherness”!

The closing act by Serkova Crystal Pure was performed by Tamta. With a fashion statement appearance, she sang “N.E.R.O.” and “Face”, in a Die Arkitekt production.

L’Oréal Professionnel Paris styled the most fashionable hair looks that will define next season’s hair trends.

The skilled team of artists from DUST+CREAM was in charge of the extraordinary make-up looks of “MadWalk 2021 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project” and rocked it.

NYXI NYXI Beauty Lounge –which “does not just follow the trends, it creates them”–created and curated the nail looks for all the talented designers’ catwalks as well as for all participating artists.

“MadWalk 2021 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project” was broadcasted exclusively by MEGA TV on Thursday, 16 December, at 22:50.

Fashion by

Designers: Apostolos Mitropoulos, Celia Kritharioti, Dimitris Petrou, Lena Katsanidou, Sotiris Georgiou, Vasilis Zoulias, Vrettos Vrettakos

Brands: Bubblegun, FILA, Jack & Jones and JJXX, Pink Woman, 5226 series

Music by

Ivi Adamou, Konstantinos Argiros, Pavlina Voulgaraki, Demy, Evangelia, Xenia Ghali, Joanne, Josephine, Ilias Bogdanos, Giorgos Kakosaios, Natasha Kay, Lil Koni, Konnie Μetaxa, Tania Breazou, Elena Paparizou, Anastasios Rammos, Sakis Rouvas, Stefania, Tamta, Elena Tsagrinou, Eleni Foureira

Project Presented by

Doukissa Nomikou

During “MadWalk 2021 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project”, all precautionary measures for the protection of public health were implemented.

Serkova Crystal Pure was the Grand Sponsor of the event!

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