For the fifth year in a row, the isle of Spetses was home to the Tweed Run, the international cycling event that gains more and more dedicated fans every year. Our favorite bicycle ride with a touch of old-school romance was held from 19 to 21 October, with Hendrick’s, the Most Unusual Gin, taking the lead as the event’s Grand Sponsor.

Cycling enthusiasts in vintage attire took to the streets of the island to discover the surprise-packed program put together by Hendrick’s: Early on the day of the ride, Dazzlin’ Gal welcomed participants to Hendrick’s beauty parlor for unique vintage pampering sessions at the lobby of the iconic Poseidonion Grand Hotel.

After essential touch-ups on their hairdos and makeup, the tweeders hopped on their bikes and rode to the Old Port of Spetses for an atmospheric al fresco picnic. Hendrick’s was there to refresh them with Gin & Tonics and jazz tunes as the perfect accompaniment to the backdrop of the Saronic Gulf, against which the picnic was set.

Next came the swing party at Poseidonion Grand Hotel. Dapper gents and elegant dames danced to live tunes played by Opera Chaotique in a setting of times gone by, sipping on three different Hendrick’s cocktails.

On the next day, the tweeders were once again welcomed to the terrace of Poseidonion Grand Hotel and treated to chilled Hendrick’s punch in vintage collector china. A simple yet luscious garnish of cucumber slices and rose petals leveled up the tasting experience, evoking the unusual blend of extracts that make up this super premium gin.

The day went on with the most elegant bikes competition at the scenic Cine Titania, where the festivities concluded with quite the unusual palate-tingler: Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic welcome shots served up in cucumber shot-glasses!

The isle of Spetses saw a remarkable trip down memory lane touched by the glamor of Hendrick’s Gin from beginning to end, which brought back the best memories of an era long gone.

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