Beer and summer go together, as they accompany all the relaxed moments in the city, on the island and during vacation.
Our beers are something special and premium as well, like Miller & Staropramem, the aromatic and citric Blue
Moon or of course the Greek and Awarded Nissos from the island of Tinos.

See our choices for the summer, search for them in the supermarket and liquor stores and taste them frozen.

 Miller Genuine Draft 

Miller Genuine Draft is an exceptional super-premium lager born in Milwaukee in 1985. Today, it is marketed in more than 50 countries. The secret of its distinct, smooth flavour lies in its fine ingredients and an innovative brewing method including quadruple filtration.

Refreshingly delicious with a zingy, fresh taste, Miller Genuine Draft has a draft-in-a-bottle feel, to which it owes its name.

Ideally enjoyed straight from the bottle.

Type: Lager


Staropramen is a Czech beer with a long legacy – it has been made in Smichov, in the heart of Prague, for 150 years. The consistently efficient fermentation afforded by traditional Czech brewing methods results in a perfectly balanced beer.

The initial mild taste of malt is rounded off with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. Visually, Staropramen is a crystal-clear beer, deep golden coloured, with a rich layer of froth in the glass.

Type: Light Lager

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a Belgian-style wheat ale served in a quite unique manner, and one of the strongest barrel-aged ales produced in the US. Brewed with orange peel, it leaves a smooth and sweet citrus aftertaste.

Ideally garnished with an orange slice, which optimally brings out its flavour and aroma.

Type: Belgian-style Wheat Ale

NISSOS Bio All Day

NISSOS Bio All Day is made with certified organic barley malt, following a slow, traditional, and absolutely natural process. The cold fermentation creates a clear base, on which the aromas of the three types of aromatic hops are allowed to develop. Light, fragrant, without a hint of bitterness, this beer is ideal for all occasions, day and night.

Aroma: A clean bouquet of malt, with pleasant, citrusy notes from the hops.
Taste: Smooth and fresh mouthfeel, with an equally fresh aftertaste – nicely balanced.

Type: European-Style Lager


NISSOS Tholi is an unpasteurised, unfiltered beer, with much of the yeast – and the useful vitamins that go with it – still in the bottle. Its natural haziness is typical of, and imposed by, its category, originating in Northern Europe and dating back to the Middle Ages.
NISSOS THOLI is poured for bottling from the middle of the tank, after it has slowly matured in low temperatures. There is absolutely no processing involved; it only contains the natural carbon dioxide developed during fermentation.

Taste: Only a subtle hint of bitterness, with strong aromas and an intense aftertaste.
Aroma: A citrusy feel lingers in the mouth.

Type: Keller