A quite unique event was held at internationally acclaimed, award-winning The Clumsies in downtown Athens, fit for the launch of a brand-new vodka: enter Serkova Crystal Pure.
Serkova Crystal Pure is a ten-times distilled premium vodka of perfectly smooth, velvety taste and crystalline texture. Made of 100% pure wheat, the premium spirit delighted its guests, proving that the choice of only the finest raw materials is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in creating a high-end product.

Patrons were assigned to groups, each led by a member of the Clumsies team, before heading to the dedicated rooms of the Athenian bar to indulge in three experiential tasting sessions. Starting at the pool room, all groups enthusiastically tested their ice-carving skills, shaping blocks of ice into small works of art – later to be used as one of the two ingredients of a Serkova Crystal Pure served neat over ice.

Next was the library room, where an impressive installation including a bottle of Serkova Crystal Pure encased in a block of ice had been created exclusively for the event. While patrons watched the new commercial for the promotion of Serkova Crystal Pure, the vodka was naturally filtered as it flowed through the ice, before ending up in everyone’s glasses. For the last stop, the Clumsies’ expert know-how was applied to create a high-tech basement garnish pantry. Reminding us that garnishes may indeed bring a drink to perfection, the last session saw patrons savoring Serkova Crystal Pure combined with a number of garnishes, including seasonal fruit, celery stalks, and lemon confit.

The experience set the bar much higher, as Serkova Crystal Pure took tasting to a whole new level, adding a more personal and experiential touch, while its authentic and luxurious crystal clarity made it irresistible to all.