In the course of 2018, the company increased its annual turnover by +10.1%, bringing in €121.7 million (including the special consumption tax of €37.4 million). With the alcoholic beverage industry showing a drop of -2.5% compared to 2017, AMVYX’s growth indicates the company’s significant increase of market share and further establishment as a leader.
The improvement in capital structure components has also been impressive. It is quite telling that bank loans dropped to just 3% of the annual turnover, with cash reserves exceeding the overall debt. The company’s book value is now €42.8 million, which exceeds the company’s overall financial obligations by 189%.

AMVYX also increased investments in corporate communication and marketing for the brands in their portfolio by +5.6%, and grew their permanent workforce by +13%.
There was a +6.4% rise in overall gains, too, as pre-tax gains amounted to €5.9 million.

So far, the prospects for 2019 are quite positive, with upward trends maintained, sales increased by +10%, and other financial components equally improved. What is more, the company is about to finalise negotiations to reinforce and expand the existing portfolio.