In a time when actual physical travel is limited at best, why not follow Moët Hennessy on a wine tour around the world, through a series of easy-to-access online masterclasses. There to guide you and reveal the secrets of each house and its products will be the expert Brand Ambassadors of Moët Hennessy, Ted Lelekas and Nikolas Giannopoulos.

Embark on the journeys of Moët Hennessy masterclasses, and discover the secrets of the Champagne region, breathe in the rejuvenating air of the Andes, and savour the fruits of a luscious harvest in New Zealand. You will be able to try the Brand Ambassadors’ samplers in real time, after placing your order with just a click from the comfort of your home.

Indeed, there is no place like home, so let’s make the most of staying in by discovering safe and creative ways to have fun. #AtHomeWithMoet

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